How to identify a Magento store

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Magento is quickly becoming one of the largest opensource platforms used in eCommerce web design, and shows no signs of slowing down soon. Taking a quick look at the Magento Showcase reveals companies such as Ford, TOMS, Fred Perry and Harvy Nichols all adopting this platform.

So you may be wondering how you can spot a Magento store yourself? The following article provides ways in which you can identify a Magento store

1. Admin Path Url


By default the Magento admin url is if you visit this url in your browser the magento login page will appear, and maybe even a Magento logo if you are lucky!.

2. Cart Page Url

A Magento store can also be identified by its cart page url which will be something like this

or if url re-writing is disabled in the admin, it may look like this

3. The Page Source

If you inspect the source view of a page there are a few key indicators that a site is running Magento for example you will notice the src attribute for some elements will either reference




For example

[pyg language=”html”]

View Bag


4. Website Scanners


Websites such as underthesite will tell you what technologies a website is using, and does a pretty good job too.


So there you have it, if you need any help with your next eCommerce website don’t be shy to ask for help.

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