Homes in Harmony Energy saving products

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Homes in Harmony a unique website that sells specialist energy saving products and services. Read more about this project.

Homes in Harmony

Homes in Harmony is very much a current affairs driven company who aim to provide energy saving products online in addition to offering general advice on how to reduce domestic carbon footprints.

Homes in Harmony approached us to create their online store using our entry level ecommerce solution combined with expert design.

Project overview

The site features a varied range of products from insulations, solar products through to innovations and new inventions. In addition, the website also advertises a range of related services from specialist third party companies.

The ecommerce solution that we provided was tailored to sell physical products and to accept enquiries for the services on offer.

To help with marketing the website social networking links (“like” and bookmark buttons) are present throughout the store, visitors can also subscribe to a newsletter and write reviews on products they purchase.

The ecommerce solution is supported by WorldPay secure online payments.


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