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CYW by Urbanz

CYW by Urbanz is a new born brand to the urban fashion industry with an extensive range of headphones, accessories and a line of men’s and ladies earth positive and organic cotton t-shirts. The brand began in 2009 and specialised in producing high quality, yet good value for money headphones in a wide variety of colours and designs. Yet we as a company were not content with just being in the headphones market and wanted to branch out the brand, with the ultimate goal of becoming an underground street fashion company. So, in 2010 CYW (acronym of ‘Colour Your World’) by Urbanz was born with a slicker logo and an edgier offering to today’s market.

Project overview

Built using our Magento open source solution, CYW by Urbanz is a feature rich e-commerce website.

Features include:

  • Wish list
  • URL rewriting for SEO
  • Related products, people also bought and browsing history
  • Content managed advertisements
  • Social integration for products
  • Using Magento e-commerce platform


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