Belazu Delicious Mediterranean produce

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bringing a little Mediterranean sunshine to your table Read more about this project.


For 20 years, Belazu has been bringing a little Mediterranean sunshine to your table. Their ethos of sourcing from the finest growers and creating delicious Mediterranean produce is the same as when we started. The Belazu name evolved as a spin off from The Fresh Olive Company to let everyone buy the fine produce we supplied to Britain’s best delis, chefs and Michelin-starred restaurants. We still run The Fresh Olive Company and still sell olives on a stall in London’s Borough Market.

Project overview

Belazu is built on 2 open source platforms, Magento and wordpress. features include

  • Multiple images with zoom
  • Ability to add product review or recipe idea
  • Ability to add products to a wish list
  • Fast checkout
  • Cook section revealing great recipes using Belazu ingredients
  • Ability for users to submit their own recipes
  • Pin board’ style blog section that offers interesting articles about topics like cook books, restaurants, chefs secrets
  • Ability for users to post their own articles to the pin board


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