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An educational website that proves Space is a giant leap forward when teaching Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics. Read more about this project.


The website is linked the National STEM Centre and helps to enhance the teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths through the topic of Space.

We were approached to design and build the website – a website that lists events and tutorials/resources, and gives information to teachers (and related staff) about how they can use space as part of their lesson plans etc.

Project overview

We created a content managed website (CMS) that features a whole range of bespoke functionality to best provide the information visitors would be looking for.

The home page features latest news and events that are regularly updated – helping to keep the website fresh and current. There are also strong calls to action for both Teachers and Activity Providers – two target audiences that will make best use of the website.

Once you leave the home page and go into the website each page is expertly designed and presented – we varied the design of each internal page to stop the website from being repetitive yet each still follows a standard theme.

Event calendars, support areas, interactive maps and links to external resources all help to keep the website quick to use and make information readily accessible.

The website features:

  • Bespoke content management system
  • Events calendars
  • Latest news features
  • Search forms
  • Registration forms
  • Newsletter subscription system
  • Links to external resources/other websites


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