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Social media integration

In recent years, the marketing industry has woken up to the phenomenal power of Social Media web sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and hundreds of others.

With traffic amounting to multi-millions every day, they offer outstanding possibilities for reaching a specific audience. That’s why it’s an area that has changed the face of marketing more than any other.

Your brand and reputation

With over 800 million active users of Facebook and 200 million Twitter accounts, that’s an awful lot of people you could be reaching. Interacting with your customers through social media channels can increase your perceived trustworthiness through good communication. It’s also a valuable method for spreading your branding message and building brand recognition.

New customer acquisition

Building your business through social media marketing channels will generate quality leads that have a direct interest in your market – and that’s central to the success of most business models.

Search engine ranking influence

Social Media improves your search engine results. Google and Bing explicitly state that user interactions within social media websites are a direct factor in the ranking of their search engine results pages. In fact, Google now has a direct feed from Twitter, and links back from all social media websites.

Traffic generation

PPC, SEO – it’s all only there to generate traffic to your website with the aim of converting it to customers. Social media websites potentially offer an endless source of traffic that you just can’t ignore.

Customer service, feedback and enhanced CRM

Connecting with your customers through social channels offers a more personalised experience, and can help to build stronger bonds. Certain platforms can also offer the opportunity for you to build feedback, reviews, and allow you to offer another channel for your customer service.

Social engagement

People spend hours on social media every day. The content is addictive and often a subject will ‘go viral’. Tapping into this interaction between users can also mean better word-of-mouth communication for your business. It helps build growth in social engagement with your customers.

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