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Premium Magento hosting

A Magento eCommerce web site needs plenty of resources and a standard hosting package may struggle to cope with heavy traffic.  That might lead to your site slowing down, potential customers becoming frustrated and then lost sales.

With this in mind, iWeb provide reliable and fast, high quality hosting solutions that have been stress-tested to cope with heavy demand. Our performance tested server configuration ensures your Magento eCommerce web site runs quickly and securely – keeping page load times to a minimum and enhancing your customers’ browsing experience.

We offer a range of premium hosting packages that are competitively priced to suit all sizes of business – small, medium, large and extra large.

Content Delivery Network for extra speed

When you need to keep customers satisfied, speed is of the essence. A CDN prevents server bottlenecks and slow data transfer by placing a system of servers across a network to host your web site. When your customers access your site content, it will route them to the closest server for maximum bandwidth. The result is accelerated delivery time, no matter how heavy the site traffic may be.

Needless to say, iWeb can make a CDN work for your business too. We’ll ensure Magento site doesn’t suffer from traffic jams and speed bumps – keeping sales ticking over nicely.

The iWeb Cloud for extra capacity

For larger businesses, there may be some periods when your Magento eCommerce web site traffic hits sustained peak loads – think January sales and other special promotions. During these times, you can extend to the iWeb Cloud. This basically means letting our stress-tested servers take the strain. The Cloud can be harnessed on demand – you just pay for when you need it most. That means you don’t end up paying for capacity you wouldn’t need at normal times.

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