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Multilingual / currency support

Your business might involve selling different types of products on different web sites and you may need a separate store for each category. Factor in different languages and currencies as well and things could get complicated. Happily, Magento from iWeb can simplify the whole process.

One of Magento’s advanced features allows for management of multiple websites and stores within a single installation. To do this, it uses a system called GWS – which stands for “Global, Website, Store.” Let’s break it down to show you how it works:


This refers to the entire installation and is top of the tree.


Websites are ‘parents’ of Stores.  A website will consist of one or more stores. They can share customer data, if you choose.


Stores are ‘children’ of websites. Products and Categories are managed on the store level. Multiple stores under the same website can have different catalogue structures.

So how do you deal with different languages and currencies? Magento enables multiple browse-able Store Views. Think of these as the shop front and the catalogue as the warehouse at the back. The attractive front can be changed according to the needs and wishes of whoever is browsing, but the back end/catalogue remains the same. So it’s possible to switch between languages and currencies without affecting the core information (that’s what you have for sale).

If you think all that sounds rather complex and is going to take considerable development time to implement, you’ll be surprised. As Magento is open source, most of the tricky part has already been done. That means iWeb can have a multiple sites, stores, currencies and languages up and running in remarkably quick time. And that time saving will be passed onto you in the form of lower development costs.

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