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Mobile commerce

Advanced in connection speeds and screen resolutions have led to an explosion in web browsing on mobile phones. In fact, iWeb predicts that this is where the biggest growth area will be in coming years.

We can implement a fully functioning Magento eCommerce web site onto a mobile platform. But in order to enhance user experience, a mobile version that will run in a smaller browser needs to be created. This typically removes all non-essential images and refines necessary interfaces – such as forms and buttons.

Why a mobile website is better than an app?

  • A mobile website allows a much greater reach
  • Only one needs to be built – as opposed to one for each handset
  • No need to download in advance, thus limiting customers
  • No third party approval needed
  • Complete control over site design, updates and changes

This is why we predict that the browser-based mobile web market will grow much faster than the app market – making for a better long-term investment. However, if you feel that the majority of your customers use iPhones, an app will naturally be more appealing to them. Where possible, we’d recommend developing both. However, a user-friendly mobile site that will work on every phone – not just the iPhone would be a sensible choice.

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