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Migrate your website to Magento

Magento puts exceptional eCommerce functionality within the reach of most budgets. Because it’s an open source platform, design and development time can be substantially reduced – which means less cost to you.

If you have an existing web site, it might make financial sense to migrate it to Magento. You can rely on iWeb expertise to ensure this happens quickly and with minimum disruption to your business.

Lower costs

Magento is open source – which means design and development is far simpler. It means your business can have a highly functional eCommerce site that’s surprisingly affordable.

Improved flexibility

Magento is the work of a large community of web programmers – so there are already countless options for additional features and customization available. This allows iWeb to design a web site that’s tailored precisely to your requirements.

Highly adaptable

As your needs change over time, Magento is versatile enough to accommodate them. We can modify or scale your web site according to future developments – whether planned or unforeseen.

Better functionality

Magento is bristling with features that can enhance the way you do business. We can design a web site that provides a better user experience, increases sales conversions and delivers higher transaction values. And no online business can do without its core tools – Google Marketing and Analytics.

Total reliability

Everybody needs two basic necessities from their web site: for it to work efficiently and for it to be safe. All iWeb Magento sites are robust and reliable, with payment gateways that offer rock solid security.

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