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Best practice ecommerce since 1995

Back when iWeb was first established in 1995, the idea of the Internet becoming the marketing powerhouse it is today would have seen far-fetched. Indeed, the majority of people didn’t even have a connection to the web. But because we’ve been around since the beginning, we’ve been a part of the explosion in eCommerce. As a result, we’re experienced enough to know a passing trend from a significant development. Your business can benefit from our considerable know-how.

Our eCommerce team is simply the best around. Their expertise has been gained through many years of providing quality solutions to all manner of clients. Below is a timeline that demonstrates how much iWeb has grown over the decades and why we have the wisdom that comes with experience.

We began as a small team based in Stafford. Nowadays, iWeb has a staff of 26 and has opened a second office in London. All our people are specialists - allowing us to offer the complete package under one roof.

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