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Number of websites using Wordpress

72.4m or 25%

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Control has never been easier

A web based software you can use to create a beautiful, feature rich website or blog.

With the controls available in the “Manage pages” feature, a complete, multiple page website, with many levels of site navigation can be easily developed and managed. If a blog is desired to be an integrated part of the website, the “Manage Posts” feature can easily be integrated as well.

Control can also be effectively and efficiently integrated with other third party software products such as Magento ecommerce, Google Analytics, Feedburner, Twitter and Facebook and many more.

Content Management Features

WordPress development

Where your ideas are nurtured and brought to life

If you have a grand plan, a sweeping vision or just a vague notion of how your web site should turn out, talk to iWeb first. Our bespoke Web Development team are experts in turning your inspiration into reality. We'll show you the best routes to take and help achieve a solution beyond your expectations.

Above all, you can relax, knowing your project is in safe hands.

Why choose iWeb?


We work closely with you, offering expert advice throughout. It can be about the technical nuts and bolts or the best approach to branding and online marketing. All our know-how is available to you.


Once the project has been mapped out, we'll provide a working design that will storyboard the operation of your new website. These will be in line with your brand and provide the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.


Your new web site is going to get pretty busy. So we factor in the server specification that will be required to deal with the projected traffic. This ensures the website operates quickly and robustly.


We complete the majority of our projects using industry-leading, object-orientated PHP with MySQL. If we might as well be speaking Martian, let's just say it's a common combination, offering greater flexibility and robustness.


Often a website will be required to mingle with other third party applications - such as accounting software, fulfilment systems, consignment portals or printing. We'll take care of this for you too.


We thoroughly test everything before it goes out the door. In the unlikely event that you still find the odd bug, we'll correct it.

Ongoing management

We don't just deliver a web site and leave you to it. We'll also provide regular support and maintenance - improving and enhancing your web presence as your needs develop. At iWeb, we believe in a lasting working relationship.

Related services

API integrations

Application Programming Interface - from incorporating simple applications, such as Google Maps, to more complex requirements.


Customer Relationship Management - improving service by managing general enquiries, support issues and returns.

Social networking

Allows access to content sharing features, as well as the ability to build mini applications and games.


Bespoke websites are often combined with features and functionality designed to boost sales.


Content Management Systems - allows you to easily keep your site up to date and search engine friendly.


From simple keyword searching through to dictionary spell checking, keyword suggestion (auto complete) and closest matches.

White labelling

Multiple branch organisations often require features whereby investing in one website allows each branch to have their own online presence.


On and off-site training to ensure all staff are fully up to speed with the new website.

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