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Six tips for a better e-commerce website

E-commerce business is booming at a fast pace. So, if you are starting up an e-commerce website, approaching a good web design company is the key to success. An e-commerce web site is the first interface between the customers and the seller, so it needs to be designed in such a way that can be easily navigated by customers without hassles or confusion. Here are a few pointers;

  1. Let customers find your product in fewer clicks – Don’t create obstacles and increase the time required to make a substantial buying decision. Successful e-commerce is all about convenience – make sure you work with the best web design company possible.
  2. Emphasise products - Keep your e-commerce website design as simple as you can. Look at Amazon.com for an example of clean design appearance, with products well categorised and clearly visible.
  3. Show high quality pictures – E-commerce website shopping is quite different from shopping from a physical store. Customers need reassurance – so always show as much as you can of the products. Alternative and magnified views are always useful. Also keep information short with option of clicking through to more detail.
  4. Keep customers informed – Successful e-commerce is about confidence too. Keep them up to date with received payment notification, delivery date and clearly display how customer services can be contacted.
  5. Provide online support - Live chat support not only offers somebody to talk to, it can also be used as customer database maintenance. This can be recorded for future reporting and analysis of your e-commerce web site.
  6. Let customers shop without registration - Forcing users to register before adding products to the shopping cart is counter-productive in e-commerce. Instead, give them the freedom to explore the products, leaving information gathering until the payment stage. Avoid making them fill out forms at the point of payment too – that just leads to lost sales.

A reputable web design company will be familiar with all these e-commerce techniques. Not only do they offer a better experience for your customers, they’ll generate more e-commerce revenue for you too.

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